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Commercial Elevator

provide access to everyone visiting or working within a building that requires access above or below the main egress floor. Commercial elevators are commonly in schools, libraries, churches, multi-family housing or low-rise commercial buildings. Our commercial elevators can be custom-designed to fit the décor of virtually any environment and are engineered to provide a safe, smooth and worry free ride for anyone who finds it difficult to use the stairs.

Hole Type – In Ground (in line and front/rear)

The Hole Type Canton Elevator system accommodates most conventional dual-entry-capable requirements in buildings up to six floors or more. The special design is still an economical, pre-engineered package available in capacities ranging from 2000-lb. through 4000-lb. Incorporating Canton’s advanced hydraulic jack technology and the highest quality machinery and support components, this system is available in a variety of architectural styles providing flexibility for use in many decors and environments. Like all of Canton Elevator’s elevator systems, all components in this series are unequalled for efficient, reliable operation. They also provide a simplified service format for low-cost maintenance over the long term.

Holeless Type – Dual Holeless (in line and front/rear)

The Holeless Type Canton Elevator model meets the need for accommodating difficult geological situations; bedrock or unstable silts which can drive drilling costs out of control. Since no well-hole is required, this system can work as an above-ground installation servicing isolated floors in high-rise applications. This holeless-jack system is designed to accommodate most conventional dual-entry-capable requirements in buildings up to three floors (or more under special conditions). Providing smooth, dependable performance, this series is an economical pre-engineered package available in capacities ranging from 2000-lbs. through 4000-lbs. Similar to the Hole Type, this system incorporates Canton’s advanced hydraulic jack technology and the highest quality machinery and support components. You can choose from a variety of architectural styles that permit flexibility in coordinating with many decors and environments. Like all Canton Elevator elevator systems, all components incorporated in this series are unequalled for efficient, reliable operation. What’s more, they provide a simplified service format that helps assure the owner of low-cost maintenance over the long term.

Canton Holeless Hydraulic Machine Roomless

Canton Elevator offers their traditional holeless elevator in a MRL version. This enables building owners to lease more space while reducting the footprint of the elevator system. Canton offers MRL systems from 2,000lbs to 5,000lbs Eastern Elevator can help you select the one that best fits your needs.

Cantilever Hydraulic Roped

The experienced staff of Canton Elevator blends unique specializations in applied engineering, manufacturing, field installation, modernization and preventative maintenance. This gives Canton Elevator a leading edge in a rapidly-evolving hydraulic elevator industry. Their expertise ultimately benefits our customers in the form of expedited projects and money saved. Over the years, Canton Elevator, Inc. has been recognized as a holeless elevator pioneer with models available to suit every holeless need. The economical, dual single-stage design utilizes a standard hoistway size.

  •   The single and multi-stage cantilever design can accommodate low to mid-rise requirements and can serve front and side openings.
  •   The mid to high-rise roped hydraulic elevators design allows travel over one hundred feet without a well hole and without exerting loads on the upper structure of the building.
Paragon Duel Roped Hydraulic

Canton Elevator’s Paragon(tm) line of dual-roped hydraulic elevator systems provides the industry’s widest selection in the class to meet almost any passenger application requiring travels up to 100-feet. These elevators are NEII and ADA compliant. Canton Elevator’s research and system configuration development for the Paragon system has produced the most advanced thinking in its class and a notably simplified installation process. Many sub-assemblies have been modularized at the factory to save costly, on-site assembly time. From an owner’s perspective, Paragon engineering presents one of the most efficient, easy-to-access hardware packages available. This translates into quicker maintenance and less downtime.


The Orion elevator is designed with features you would expect in a high-rise elevator but built for commercial low-rise buildings. The Savaria Orion elevator was designed for limited use/limited application (LU/LA) commercial projects and is well-suited for use in educational settings, places of worship and up to 3-story professional offices.  With the features you would expect to see in a high-rise elevator such as automatic sliding doors and commercial fixtures, the Orion elevator delivers a professional appearance and a smooth ride for passengers. The Orion is a cost-effective solution to ADA-compliant accessibility that meets state and national codes for LU/LA elevators. Upgrades for the Orion include stainless steel two-speed doors to deliver a modern and sleek look.

Freight Elevator

It takes a bunch of muscle to lift a 60,000-lb., fully loaded rig – and Canton Elevator has it! They built one of the world’s largest hydraulic freight elevators to lift semis 36-ft. Canton Elevator’s freight elevators are at work across the nation delivering the reliable performance industry demands for efficient and profitable operation.  Whether you need a sidewalk lift, auto, truck or virtually any other special purpose freight elevator system, you’ll want to tap into Canton Elevator’s engineering expertise. Together we’ll solve your vertical freight transportation problem with a state-of-the-art computerized design. You’ll receive a system that was assembled before it left our plant, assuring you a proper, trouble-free installation at the site. Furnished as complete systems or your choice of components:

  •   sling – platform – tie rods – guide shoes
  •   complete cab includes lights and escape hatch
  •   jack(s) – buffers – hitch plate
  •   pump unit
  •   rail brackets
  •   vertical rise car gate – single or double section
  •   car and hatch wire ways
  •   car-top station/cam-limits/leveling switches/pit stop switch
  •   oil line

Complete pre-assembly and Q.C. testing at our plant before shipping. We can supply any type freight elevator door required. Available with Class A, B, C1, C2, C3 loading capability

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Just a brief note to thank you and your staff. We LOVE our new elevator! We thought we would use it primarily to get Bill’s Mom and her wheelchair/walker into & around the house, but have found we’re using it on a daily basis just to avoid the stairs. In our very tall house (even though we are quite capable of using the stairs) it’s just so much more convenient and it’s already hard to imagine the house without the elevator! Please pass along our “thanks” to your folks who worked with us on the design and actual installation. They were ALL extremely courteous, knowledgeable, helpful and just nice folks. Despite the many construction delays on our part, that pushed the project out longer than anticipated, your folks were great throughout the process. You all made this a very positive experience for us.

- Bill and Barb Houdershell

Eastern Elevators Co. installed our home elevator in Early 2015.  During installation and on routine service calls since that time, Eastern Elevator’s technicians and staff have displayed an outstanding level of professionalism and a strong sense of customer service.  At the office, Ray and Erin have been great, responding promptly to any inquiry or service request.  When service has been needed, the field technical team, including Cody, Ryan, and Shawn, are knowledgeable, professional, and a pleasure to work with.  The bottom line: customers can rely on the Eastern Elevator team to install a reliable product and to keep it operating efficiently.

- Tim and Mari Ryan

First I am so sorry I cannot remember the name of the young lady who assisted myself and my nephew in selecting a scooter for my use.  She was so well prepared with information to answer our questions, if we asked something she did not have the answer she immediately called Pride and got the answers we needed.  We found her to be interested in our needs not in just selling us something.  We found the scooter at cheaper price but I wanted to support our local business and she made the decision even easier with her great personality and very caring manner.  I have and will continue up to tell people about your Pride Scooter sales and your outstanding sales person.

- Sharon McIlwee

Customer Service, Other, Quality, Thoroughness
Shawn is a great talent. Smart, persistent and an effective communicator. We greatly appreciate his expertise and enjoy his company.

- Rick Buckley

Customer Service, Quality, Thoroughness
We appreciate the great work done by Cody to get our wheelchair lift running again

- Patrick and Kathrine Andrus

What an incredible showroom!! The staff here is wonderful and friendly. And the Elevator Mechanics are so knowledgeable. My parents are stopping in just to see the working elevators for the home they are having built in VA. Super excited.

- Tricia J.